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Private Health Care Services at Pilgrim Hospital

Health Services

The Bostonian private health care services is adjacent to the sophisticated services of The Pilgrim Hospital, and consequently almost any condition can be treated at The Bostonian by our dedicated team of professionals.

The Bostonian also benefits from a 24 hour medical service. Please visit our 'Consultants' area to see the specialties and Consultants available.

Recent developments at The Pilgrim Hospital include a new A & E Department, a new Psychiatry Department, MRI scanner, expanded day-care facilities and laboratories. There is an active and expanding Centre for Medical & Dental Education. The table adjacent provides a summary of the support facilities available.

HDU / ITU Access to 9 Beds in Pilgrim Hospital
Pathology Bacteriology
Frozen Sections
CPA Accredited
Pharmacy Reconstitution Unit on Site
Physiotherapy Gym Facilities
Professions Allied to Medicine Dietetics
Occupational Therapy
Speech Therapy
Radiology CT Scanner
MRI Scanner
Image Intensification
Interventional Radiology
Peripheral Angiography
Stereotactic Guidewire Excision
Varicocele Embolisation
Theatres 11 Theatres Available
Dedicated Endoscopy Unit